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My cervical cancer story

About Me

Hello, I’m Faye. I’ve always been a bubbly and outgoing kind of girl. Im very lucky to have some wonderful friends and family who I adore. I have a gorgeous little dog named Evie who is 2 and is an absolute star, totally in love with her and I’m not ashamed to admit that she is my fur baby. I run my own marketing business and absolutely love it.

After years working in advertising and business development I studied part time for 4 years to achieve a diploma in marketing and set about starting my own marketing agency for small and medium sized businesses. This has been my obsession for the last 5 years and I’ve loved being my own boss.

I’m an Aquarian, 13th Feb is my birthday (I was actually born on Friday 13th and 13:00 hours on ward 13 – unlucky for some!) and a week before my 31st Birthday I was told I had advanced stage 4b cervical cancer


What Would You Do?

You might have noticed a few posts on here and Facebook about fundraising so I can obtain private medical treatment. Now, this was something I wanted to really avoid. I don’t like the [...]

Positive Vibes Movement

After these few posts, I hope you’re enjoying the blog. My aim is to help spread positivity to as many people facing cancer as possible! So please share this as often as you can to help us reach [...]

The Waiting Game

I’ve seen it said many times that the waiting is the hardest part. I’ve never felt this to be so true as when waiting for cancer scan results, staging or treatment plans. I always assumed that if [...]

Cannabis curing cancer

I’m not talking about smoking joint after joint every day and getting high maaaan. Peace and love. I’m talking about the use of CBD oil and cannabis oil to treat side effects and even cure [...]

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