When it’s hard to stay positive

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As I write this I must confess, it’s 3:22AM and due to gargantu-leg (I’ll explain in a minute) I am awake and in discomfort and I can’t sleep.

This is night 3 of little to no sleep……..

This is all because a few weeks ago my leg swelled up to twice its normal size. Concerned, I visited A&E. They looked for a blood clot but couldn’t see one so arranged a scan for the next day. They thought they found a clot and treated me for this. Fast forward two weeks of issues with the giant leg, injecting myself and bleeding and it’s still not gone down! In fact, it’s getting worse, they can’t find the clot, and now I can’t sleep because if the leg is raised for longer than 5 minutes it really bloody hurts!

Anyway, back on track to the theme of this blog. Due to the above, I haven’t written a post for a while. I’ve found it difficult to find my own positivity and I felt like a fraud chiming on about remaining positive when my own ducks weren’t in order.

I gave myself a stern talking to and reminded myself that I was lucky. It helped by the hugely generous donations and kind words of support on my Just Giving Page from friends, family and even strangers! It was totally heartwarming and restored some of my positivity over the last couple of weeks.

Then, the huge effort my wonderful business partner and my best friend have been putting in to help raise money. Holding a fundraising event at a local pub and doing a sponsored climb up mount Snowdon!! I think they’re insane but love them so much for doing this for little old me. It’s truly overwhelming to feel that much love and support.

How could I not be positive after all this love and support surrounding me? Right?

Well…… there’s been times I’ve still found it hard. Despite all this amazing energy.

So, I guess the message is that it’s ok to have off days and feel like life is unfair. But don’t lose sight of your positive outcome and don’t miss out on life by holding on to the negativity. Try to deal with it and move on. Look for love and support. Accept help. Find your positivity.

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