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Positivity meditation

Meditation has really helped me throughout the past 6 months. I never really practised meditation before and I wouldn’t say my approach is particularly professional or even conventional but it’s definitely worked for me. Do what you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to sit crossed legged on a yoga mat chanting ‘Ohmmmmmm’ if you don’t feel comfortable doing that. Meditation is personal and is meant to make you feel relaxed.


I will create a peaceful space when I know I won’t be disturbed. I light a scented candle and turn off all tech including my phone. I find a comfortable place to sit and start some deep breathing. I inhale all the stress of the day and visualise exhaling it all out. After 5-6 of these, I begin to feel very relaxed. At this point I continue with the breathing and start to visualise all of the things I will do when I have the all clear. I visualise myself at different ages right through to retirement. What does that look like? What am I doing? What are the sounds, sights and smells?

Sometimes I also visualise the tumour breaking down, I visualise the good cells in my body popping the cancer cells and all the good things I’ve done that day to support my body working.

I only do this for around 20 minutes. It doesn’t take long but afterwards, I feel relaxed and ready to carry on with the day.

Tip- don’t lie down! I did this lying down a few times and every time it’s turned into a pretty long nap! Which is no problem apart from the fire risk of the candle and if you had other things you wanted to do! Haha

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