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Cancer treatment can be pretty gruelling. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, it all takes its toll on the body. It’s not fun, it’s not glamorous and I can see why many people refuse to go through it and seek alternative options. But, there are things you can do to help support your body through treatment.

These positive actions are simple but will do you the world of good. In fact, they’re really good habits to get into for the rest of your life.

Throughout my life, I tried (on and off) to live healthily. I was a serial yo-yo dieter and always enjoyed exercise. I was still always overweight mind you! I’m not and have never been an angel when it comes to food but I did try. That being said I didn’t often give myself much time for self-care. Amongst family and friend commitments, running a business, working, learning, cooking, cleaning and looking after my doggo there just weren’t enough hours in the day for ‘me’ time. If I did take time out for me I would feel guilty….. how crazy is that!

It’s taken some time but my mind has shifted and I have had to become more selfish. I now take time out each day to do something I want to do. It could be something as simple as reading a book, taking a long bath or watching TV.

I also eat and drink what I want to. This sounds crazy but I’d always ask what my other half wanted and eat with him. Now, if I want a salad or loads of veg and he doesn’t, I will do what makes me happy. Selfish? Maybe? But I need to feed my body with good things.

Important food items for good health and to fight cancer

  • Green vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Probiotic yoghurt
  • Lean proteins
  • Nuts and pulses
  • Water


  • Sugar
  • Red meat
  • Too much dairy
  • Processed meat
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Coffee

I also take some vitamins and supplements which I read can support the body to fight cancer.

  • Tumeric
  • Kelp
  • B15
  • A good multivitamin

While I can’t do as much exercise as I used too, in fact, 7 months into treatment I feel like an old lady! I do still try to do around 30 minutes of activity a day. For me, it’s usually walking the dog. A nice slow walk is great for getting some fresh air and keeping the blood pumping around the body.

I remember when I was running my business alone that I would stay up until 2am regularly working solidly and taking maybe half a day off a week to relax. Now, I make sure I rest. Sleep is so important and it’s when your body can heal itself. Getting a good night sleep while fighting cancer is vital. Also, don’t feel guilty about taking naps! If you’re tired, rest, you’re going through a lot and you’re allowed to rest. Don’t be made to feel guilty about it either! If you have people around you to help you then take the help you’re offered. Make time for you. The housework can wait, work can wait, your life is what’s important now.

Here’s some positive activities you can do every day for you!

Take a long relaxing bath with your book or the radio.

Go for a walk somewhere beautiful

Buy yourself a treat – new pjs, skincare, a new book, dvd

Enjoy clean new bedding! Best feeling in the world.

Prepare yourself a delicious and healthy meal

Visit friends (or have them visit you)

Start a new hobby or craft

Lift some candles and meditate. Read my blog on meditation.

Play your positivity playlist (see mine here) and sing along

You may have to fight against people who want you to keep up and carry on as before. Just remember that you are fighting the biggest fight of your life and that takes a lot of energy. So you know what you are capable of and if other people don’t like that you can’t do as much as you used to….. tough!

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