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After these few posts, I hope you’re enjoying the blog.

My aim is to help spread positivity to as many people facing cancer as possible! So please share this as often as you can to help us reach people in need.

It’s a tough and gruelling time. From diagnosis through treatment and beyond it feels like cancer has not only invaded your body but it takes your mind too! It’s always there, in the back your mind. Positive Vibes Save Lives provide tips on ensuring those thoughts in the back of our minds are positive, as well as practical health and lifestyle topics surrounding living well with cancer.

So, I want this to reach to as many people as possible to help them.

My wonderful friend at Rocket and Rose has designed these amazing hoodies and sweatshirts to help spread the positive vibes movement.

The gorgeous unicorn design is a great conversation starter and when people ask about Positive Vibes Save Lives you can point them in this direction for help, support and tips for positive thinking and living during cancer.

Spread the word guys, help me reach out to as many people as possible. Let’s help them stay positive. Positive Vibes Save Lives after all, help save a life.

Get your Hoodie or sweatshirt here. Available in various colours and sizes.


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